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Catalunya me-gusta


Catalunya has a thousand year long history and a historic and artistic Heritage that spans its liberian, Greek and Roman past, through its Romanesque art right up to its modern architecture, without forgetting Catalan Modernisme.

The diversity of its identities and cultural manifestations, the wealth of its cuisine, its varied landscapes, the quality of its infrastructure and the entrepreneurial but welcoming spirit of its people make Catalunya a truly unique country.

Catalunya is also one of the gastronomic destinations of reference worldwide. Catalan cuisine combines tradition, creativity and innovation. The result is a cuisine rich and nuanced.

Catalunya is a Mediterranian country with great geographical diversity and and an open and welcoming society.

In short, the various manifestations of identity and culture, the richness of its gastronomy, the diversity of its landscape, the quality of its infrastructure and the entrepreneurship while welcoming spirit of its people make a unique country of Catalonia.


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